I've been told by those who've known me for brief periods that I have an air of serenity about me, that I exude an almost enlightened calm. On rare occasions, I find myself sharing in this misperception, and can continue on in this state for up to two or three weeks, before the voices begin again. This is not to say to say that I'm schizophrenic - I'm honestly not - but at times there is an interior monologue in my head, running entirely parallel to whatever my current train of thought might be, whose sole purpose is to analyze, discredit, and demonize those around me. This monologue has told me that my childhood friends have developed a secret language to ridicule me to my face, that funerary mourners were weeping at my presence, and that my cat was engaged in an elaborate, manipulative scheme to destroy my self-esteem - although, to be fair, there was probably something to that last count. I believe that this rampant paranoia masks a deep and powerfully inward anger, and that if left unchecked, this malignant emotional cancer will completely and utterly destroy my future. Conversely, by learning to understand and channel this impulse, I should be able to find inner peace, save the world, win the girl, and crush my enemies beneath an unyielding iron heel.